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1. a close-knit team of diversely talented thinkers who think your performance and health is our first priority

2. the cutting edge of cognitive training and tracking technology


Helping you reflect to move forward.


To create a world where we all take care of our brains.


Our story begins with three high school friends. After experiencing the effects of a concussion firsthand, our co-founders formed a team of knowledgeable, dedicated and compassionate individuals and made it our goal to change the way our athletes view their brains. We continue to refine and develop our platform to best help you do what you do best, both on and off the field.

We want Reflexion to change how the world views brain training with modern data-driven and speed-focused technology. Creating our service has provided us with the incredible opportunity to train and help athletes. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

in the news

forbes: this portable prototype is designed to detect concussions in 30 seconds ibt: new technology unveiled at ces 2017 can help spot concussions in just 30 seconds
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reflexion edge at SXSW
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the team

matt campagna
matt campagna
matt roda
matt roda
george kong
george kong
lauren eichelberger
lauren eichelberger
vp, business development
john tomko
john tomko
lead software developer
alex lucas
alex lucas
ux software engineer
theodosia childers-lucas


software engineer

We are seeking an seeking a full-time software engineer to join our team and help develop the Reflexion Edge and our web-based software that enables trainers to manage performance training and rehab and enables athletes to see their progress graphically. We are a small team with a big mandate, including bare-metal embedded code (C/C++), 2D-game-like apps (C/C++), desktop and mobile front-ends (Electron/Swift), secure/scalable web back-ends (Golang/PostgreSQL), and data science. Our immediate need is for back-end work; our preference is for people who are able and interested in contributing in multiple areas, with excellent software design and implementation skills. B.S.C.S. preferred, industry experience required. If interested, please email jobs@reflexioninteractive.com