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Heeding The Header: The Problem With Soccer's Cranial Trademark

The soccer world has always glorified the solid, "thumping" header. But the classic technique now faces scrutiny in light of new research that suggests it may be damaging to player's brains.

Five Examples of AI's Growing Influence in the Sports World

2019 promises to be, as many have already dubbed it, the year of Artificial Intelligence. Here are several promising sports-related applications of the oft-covered technology.

Happy Holidays From Reflexion

We are excited to continue our efforts in the new year alongside our incredible network of supportive peers.

The Reality of Concussions on the Court

Giannis Antetokounmpo recently suffered a concussion during a game, but was allowed to continue playing and returned to the court less than a week later. His situation serves as a reminder that all athletes must take cognitive monitoring seriously.

Nationwide Drop in Youth Football Participation Linked to Concussion Concerns

Concussions are on the minds of parents and athletes more than ever and is a prominent theory for the decreased participation youth football. How can the sport be safer?

'Footbonaut,' Edge, Provide Technical Training and Cerebral Sharpening

Borussia Dortmund's world-famous passing machine and the Reflexion Edge are perfect examples of the convergence of technical and cognitive training.

Explain A Test: Go/No Go

Learn more about one of the 10+ tests that the Reflexion Edge has to offer

Company Update: August 2018

Learn what Reflexion has accomplished in the last few weeks

Fans And Players Criticize The NFL’s “Helmet Rule” In Safe Tackling Debate

A summary of opinions and facts on the NFL's new tackling rule.

Reflexion Turns 3: Looking Back On Our Startup Journey

Looking back on our startup journey and 3 years of existence

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