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Reflexion has revolutionized the proven landscape of light-board technology by dramatically increasing the number of possible stimuli (2,688 in the case of the Edge) as well as touch-detection resolution to provide visual and cognitive training drills - a feat never-before possible using Wayne Saccadic Fixator technology. Our host of independent researchers have demonstrated Reflexion’s ability to measure these very cognitions which have been correlated to sports performance and we have even shown, in an ongoing study with eight MLB teams, that cognitions on Reflexion are correlated with six different on-field performance indices for baseball. Whether you are looking to improve your performance on the field or determine your aptitude for a sport or position, vision training is a must.

Eye Tracking

Learning to keep your eye on the ball.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Being able to use your eyes to direct your body’s movements.

Reaction Time

The rate at which you can perceive a visual event and react.

Peripheral Awareness

Seeing things out of the corner of your eye.


Changing focus from one object to another quickly and clearly.

Contrast Sensitivity

Distinguishing between an object and the background.

Dynamic Visual Acuity

Learning to see objects clearly while they’re in motion.

Depth Perception

Judging the distance and speed of something.

Research Papers


Compiled by: Greg Appelbaum, Sicong Liu, and Ashwin Subramaniam

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