Q What is neuro-fitness training?

Neuro-fitness training is exercises and drills to improve how you see, process, and react to the world around you.

There are a number of well established “cognitions” that are probably known to you- reaction time, eye-hand coordination, and peripheral vision are a few examples.

These skills are integral to all aspects of everyday life, but especially so in sports & the fitness community.

Q How is neuro-fitness going to help me perform better?

Exercising muscles to lift heavier objects or accelerate quicker won’t improve your performance unless you know when and how to react.

Does it matter how far you can throw a football if you can’t predict the path and timing of the receiver?

Training neuro-fitness increases all those skills besides “big and strong”, and will give you a leg up in performance and your active lifestyle.

Q What size is Flex?

The Flex is a 55" touchscreen TV.

Q Is this technology just for high-performance athletes?

No. Most everything you do requires eyesight, focus, and decisions, and training on Reflexion improves those cognitions at their core level.

It’s why this technology is applicable in so many sports. Our goal is not to increase only a batting average, but train the skills that make up ability to hit a bat.

Q What research is there?

Vision and cognitive training has been the subject of research studies for decades, and the theme is clear.

Q What kind of support does Reflexion provide?

Reflexion makes it a priority to ensure our customers are successful.

Q How much does it cost?

We want the Flex to be as available as possible, so we have multiple payments options to work with your budget.

Through financing, the Flex and All Access Membership can be as low as $159/mo. Talk to a representative to learn more.

Q How much does it weigh?

Weighing roughly 80 pounds, the Flex will need a standard visa mount to attach to a wall.

Q Is it portable?

The Flex is not portable.

Q Is the Flex also a TV I can use?

Yes, the Flex acts as a 55" TV when you’re not using the Reflexion All Access Membership.

This means it’s easy to put anywhere in the house - living room, den, bedroom - just like you would a normal flatscreen.

Q When can I expect to see results?

Multiple studies point to six weeks as a benchmark for definitive visual and cognitive improvement while training 2-3 times per week.

You will see an increase before then, but this is what has been studies for long lasting, certain impact.

Q How will this affect my everyday life?

More than 70% of your brain is involved in what you see and how you process it.

Your brain is incredible at seeing a scene and reacting properly in milliseconds.

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